v0.3.1 Update Available for Windows (Japanese Language Support + Bugfixes)

The version 0.3.1 update, made available on Steam last month, is now available as a standalone version here on itch.io. The MacOS version will be provided at a later date.

With this update, Legends of Astravia's demo has been fully translated to Japanese. A huge thank you to obatatsu for making this possible!

It is very exciting to be able to offer this, since Legends of Astravia was originally inspired by Japanese RPGs. The game should automatically detect the system language. If it does not, you can switch the language between English and Japanese in the game options at any time.

At this time, there is no dedicated technical support or community support available in Japanese. If you are interested in volunteering to help Studio Alemni with this, please contact Jaiden via Discord here.

A note about translation to other languages

Priority was provided to the Japanese translation due to the game's heavy inspiration from JRPGs. We want to provide Legends of Astravia in as many languages as possible, and this was a good test for how difficult the integration is.

Unfortunately, since it costs a lot of development time on top of a financial burden to translate, other languages will likely not be considered for translation until after the release of the full game. An announcement will be made in the future if these circumstances change for whatever reason.

Update Changelog:

  • Added Japanese language support
  • Verified Linux and Steam Deck support via Proton
  • Improved handling of incompatible controllers
  • Adjusted battle speed for a more consistent experience
  • Rebalanced the game audio
  • Added some missing sound effects to the boss sequence
  • Fixed a bug where the Essence tutorial window would close completely when attempting to skip text
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game to crash when fighting the boss
  • Fixed a bug where some animation sound effects might not play
  • Added new bugs?

If you run into any new issues when playing the demo, please do not hesitate to report them on the discussion board. Additionally, since the battle speed algorithm was modified, I'm not sure how this may affect the demo overall, so any feedback about your gameplay experience is always welcome.

Re-enabled Itch.io Community Discussions

I've decided to try re-enabling the community discussion board here on itch.io to provide an additional outlet for reporting bugs and providing feedback. Please feel free to stop by and let us know what you think about the demo. Your early feedback is essential in helping the game become the best it can be upon its release!


Thank you for your support. I have received lots of helpful and uplifting feedback about the demo since its English release in February, and I hope it is an enjoyable experience for Japanese players as well.

I am looking forward to sharing more updates soon!



Legends of Astravia Demo v0.3.1 (Windows) (English & 日本語) 403 MB
May 25, 2022

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