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Legends of Astravia

Character-driven JRPG with an exciting battle system and rewarding exploration. · By Studio Alemni


Recent updates

Developer's Log - January 2024
Hello everyone, So far we’re kicking the year off nice and strong, as progress on the new demo is going extremely well. This month I have the opposite problem...
2023 Year-End Summary
Hello everyone, 2023 has finally come to an end. I’ll admit, I began writing this developer’s log thinking I’d only have a couple of bullet points for the...
Developer's Log - November 2023
Hello everyone, This is a shorter developers log, but I am happy to report this has been a productive month. A lot of work is still being done “under the hood...
Developer's Log - September & October
Hello everyone, This is indeed another combined two-month devlog, sorry to keep you all waiting. Things have been immensely chaotic, making it difficult to roun...
Developer's Log - August 2023
It seems the months are flying by–I feel like I just posted the July devlog, but it’s already time for the August one (and I’m behind again!) Speaking of...
Developer's Log - July 2023
Sorry for the delay – the devlog for July is finally here! We managed to accomplish quite a lot in the past month. Atmosphere - Sounds & Color The last part o...
Developer's Log - May & June 2023
As you might have noticed, this developer’s log seems to have skipped a month. Ultimately, May ended up being a much needed month of rest and recharging after...
Developer's Log - March 2023
This month’s developer’s log comes a bit late, so I apologize for the delay. It includes an important announcement regarding the demo, and a progress report...

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