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Big Plans, Let's Play & More
As usual, dev log updates have been sparse, but progress has not! Here's a status update on the roadmap from here, as well as some other cool content to share...
The v2.3 Beta is Finally Available!
Legends of Astravia v2.3 Beta Now Available! This is another "dot" update that ended up making some pretty major changes! Besides the newly designed character p...
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Progress Report: Changes for the Upcoming Update
It's been a while since I've posted a formal devlog update, but I assure you I've been hard at work. So, what is in store for this v2.3 update coming soon? Port...
Poll: Proposed Resolution Changes
Proposed Game Resolution and Interface Changes A note about this article: the images have been reduced in size to help the reading experience, but it's recommen...
Tileset Changes and Progress
The past week has been incredibly productive. Various changes have been made to the introduction to help engage the player with the story, and I've been working...
Roadmap: February 2019
Roadmap: Februrary 2019 Long time no see everyone! I know it has been over a month since the 2.2b demo release, and I’m sorry if I disappointed anyone who has...
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2.2b Update + Gameplay Stream
Another update! And this time, it was featured on Driftwood Gaming! Check out the First Impressions here: This update includes some much needed fixes to combat...
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Big Battle Changes & Next Version Plans
Hey everyone! So I've been quite busy this week, taking some time to iron out some bugs and make changes in response to all of the excellent feedback everyone h...

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