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Turnless battles, twisting dungeons, and countless secrets await you in the magical world of Astravia. 

As the wandering mystician Oliver, you and your companions must uncover the truth of your past... before the Cataclysm brings forth another age of ruin.

An updated demo featuring the new graphics will be made available this summer.

* This game is in active development. 

Two-Part Saga

Legends of Astravia’s epic story will be delivered in two installments. The first half will release first as “Legends of Astravia”. The second half and conclusion to the story will be released at a later date, either as a full game or as DLC depending on its final length. Regardless, each installment will be a complete game experience and story arc with hours of content. 


In this retro-style 2D RPG with modernized game mechanics, journey across Astravia as the wandering mystician Oliver and meet new companions, uncover secrets better left unknown, and stop a villainous trio’s plot to steal the powerful Astri and cause world destruction. Influenced by 90s and early 2000s-era JRPGs like Golden Sun and Grandia, the game features a dynamic battle system and a world rich with exploration and puzzles. 

Dynamic Battles

A fresh spin on "Active Time Battle" (ATB), Legends of Astravia's turnless battle system encourages quick—but strategic—decision making. In this fluid system without “turns”, interact with enemy and ally actions in real time and feel the excitement of outracing your opponents with powerful magic and abilities. 

Engaging Exploration

Vast, explorable overworld designed with care. Intricate dungeons filled with puzzles and traps are contrasted with lively towns and their welcoming NPCs and side-quests. And while the main story's obstacles are balanced and fair, there are plenty of optional areas with difficult and rewarding challenges to discover. 

Charming Characters

A varied cast where each character's unique personality and traits shine through. In this character-driven story, scenes with dialogue are written to make you feel like you're in the company of your companions as they react to the changing world around them. 

Feature Breakdown 

  • Approachable RPG with 10-20 hours of genuine, unpadded content. 
  • Retro 16-bit graphics with a modernized interface and gameplay—all the nostalgia without the clunky mechanics. 
  • Explorable overworld that features twisting dungeons, rewarding puzzles, treasure-filled caves and more. 
  • "Turnless" battles where you feel the constant rhythm of combat as you choose your characters' actions. 
  • A diverse cast of charming characters each with their own personalities and abilities. 
  • Essence: A modular skill system that allows you to exchange abilities between characters and grow without the burden of skill trees or assigning stat points. 
  • Avoidable, on-map enemy encounters and grid-less 8-directional movement. 
  • Various side-quests, each with meaning and purpose that complement and build on the world's lore. 
  • Accessibility options to tune your experience, such as battle difficulty and speed modulation, visual adjustments, and control rebinding. 


Oliver is a mystician—those in Astravia who are gifted with a natural talent to cast magic. Awakening deep in Mordin Forest with nothing but his shirt and circlet, Oliver finds himself at a loss as to how he ended up there. To make matters worse, the corrupt knights of the area seem all but welcoming towards mysticians. 

After a swift rescue by a kindly swordsman, he takes refuge along the outskirts of Mordin Village. There, questions about his past and a fated meeting with the enigmatic Azel leads Oliver on a quest across the world to recover his memory...all while the “Astri Hunters” plan to reawaken the Great Cataclysm for their own gain. 

Journey as a wandering mystician and meet new companions, uncover secrets better left unknown, and stop a villainous trio’s plot to steal the powerful Astri and cause world destruction...for the fate of Astravia! 




  • ダイナミックなタイマーベース・バトルシステム。勝敗のカギを握るのは素早い判断。ただし、タイマーのコントロール権を握るのはキミだ。もうゲージがノロノロと溜まるのにウンザリしたり、ターンの終了を待つ必要はない。
  • 個性豊かなキャラクターたち。それぞれの持ち味である戦闘スタイルやアビリティによって、完璧なチームを作り上げることができるだろう。
  • ダンジョン、洞窟、そして町に満ち溢れた広大な世界を冒険。一筋縄ではいかないパズルや隠された宝が、アストラヴィアのそこかしこに眠っている。
  • 敵とのエンカウントは回避可能。ランダムエンカウントに己の運命を託すことはない。自分で選んだ道を歩もう。
  • 付け替え可能スキルシステム。キャラクター間でのアビリティが付け替え可能な本作では、もうテンプレートの『ビルド』に固執する必要はない。
  • 引き込まれるストーリー。魅力をさらに高める多種多様なサイドクエスト。




© 2024 Studio Alemni

We believe that the human element is what makes a creative work so special. Even as a small independent company who might benefit from it, we stand against the use of generative AI, and promise that this game contains no AI-generated code, images, audio, or text.

Every line drawn and every line written was done by human hands with love and care.

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