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Mend a divided world in this classic role-playing game filled with exciting battles, dungeons, and secrets.

Lost within the turmoil of Astravia's past, you and your companions must find a way to unite its people before the Cataclysm brings about another age of ruin.

Coming soon to Windows, MacOS & Linux.

This game is in active development. A free demo is currently due to release soon, which will allow players to get an idea of the game before launching an Early Access campaign. Please look forward to it. 


  • Exciting, timer-based battle system that relies on quick decision making. The twist: you control the timer; no more waiting for a bar to fill up or for turns to pass.
  • A varied cast of playable characters, each with unique combat styles and unique abilities to help you craft the perfect team.
  • Vast, explorable world filled with dungeons, caves, and towns. There are challenging puzzles to solve and treasures to find in every corner of Astravia.
  • No random encounters. Choose your own playstyle instead of being at the mercy of grindy, boring battles.
  • Unique skill system that allows you to swap abilities between characters, so you never feel locked in to a particular “build”.
  • An engaging story supported by varied side-quests. Alongside a fulfilling main quest, meet characters all over the world with their own side-quests and special rewards.


The world of Astravia is in conflict; severed by unrest between mysticians and humans who fear their magic. Once seen as heroes, the flow of time eroded mysticians’ feats into myth, and so anyone who shares their likeness in the present day must instead hide from the ruling country of Valica and its brutal knights.  

Thus, the wandering mystician Oliver must tread with caution as he escapes the woods of a Valican territory. Spared by a mysterious assassin and at a loss as to how he got there, the stakes are raised even higher when Oliver realizes he must pass through Valica's capitol in order to find answers about his own origins.

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