The v2.3 Beta is Finally Available!

Legends of Astravia v2.3 Beta Now Available!

This is another "dot" update that ended up making some pretty major changes! Besides the newly designed character portraits, a ton of quality of life improvements were made. 

Here is the full list of changes from the previous version:

  • Oliver, Baldric, and Lina's portraits have been fully redrawn in HD
  • A new introduction sequence was added, and the existing introduction was improved
  • Tileset graphics were recolored and improved
  • The ATB now scales skill speed appropriate--Oliver can use spells quickly, while Baldric can use sword-based skills faster
  • The ATB settings are now more intuitive and less confusing--battle speed can be controlled separately from the Active vs Wait mode.
  • Poison / Buffs no longer last forever, and poison damage is now correctly applied 
  • Battle can be escaped without enemies automatically reengaging
  • Enemy stats and EXP were tweaked for a more balanced experience
  • Volume is reduced when entering buildings
  • Empty explorables on the map no longer trigger the "!" animation
  • History of Astravia finally added to the Mayor's bookshelf :)
  • Various other minor bugfixes and improvements

With these changes, this is the last "improvement" demo and "dot" upgrade. The next demo will be v3.0, which will potentially include a major graphics overhaul and/or will include more game content. Be sure to follow us, either here or on TwitterFacebook or Instagram to be up to date on these planned releases. 

As always, all forms of feedback are appreciated. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat and learn more about the developer and the community, join us on Discord!

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