Big Battle Changes & Next Version Plans

Hey everyone!

So I've been quite busy this week, taking some time to iron out some bugs and make changes in response to all of the excellent feedback everyone has provided on the demo so far. 

One of the biggest problems with the game was the balancing of battles. Let's be honest, they were just too dang difficult. Not to mention if you didn't choose a command fast enough, enemies would just continue to wail on you until you got it right. 

Among that, switching party members never quite worked right and caused some pretty nasty crashes, as did charging up skills.

And so, the ATB system has been completely replaced. I found that ParaDog's ATB integrated much nicer with the sideview battle system, and it works and looks fantastic:

Besides changing the battle system to be smoother and more effective, I'm also modifying the progression of the starting area to be more friendly and less rage-inducing. Baldric will join the user in the first dungeon, and the player will have more access to healing items so they don't have to continuously return to town (which was never my intent--I discovered that was the only way to beat the dungeon). 

Stay tuned! This update should be complete by Friday, as Driftwood Gaming is going to be doing a live impressions video on it. 

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