Official Discord!

Hey everyone!

So far the feedback I've received for the v2.1b demo has been incredibly helpful. Special thanks to the following people who have played the demo and offered valuable insight and excellent suggestions on what I can do to improve the project:

  • SkyForger
  • Kyuukon
  • Hyblitz
  • NeoSoulGamer
  • Jazzind_
  • TheMoonIsFurious
  • Actuallyatortillachip

Everyone's notes, suggestions, thoughts and feedback really helps drive this project, so thank you so much.

To help with organizing project ideas, working with beta testers, and overall musing about game development, I've created an official discord chat server for the game:

Join the official discord here!

You can send me feedback  here, and I'll have exclusive updates and development process notes that I'll periodically share. There will also be  a special area to share beta/early release versions for QA testers. Or, you can just join to get to know everyone involved in the project!

I will be announcing some goals and prospects for the next version of the game soon. 


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