The v2.0b Demo is Finally Here

Finally, the v2.0b demo release that I've been talking about for a year is available for download!

It's funny, I really had more fixes and ideas in mind before I released this. 

Being the 1 year anniversary of this game's first appearance as an Indie Game Making Contest 2017 entry, I found it only appropriate to upload it as everyone is submitting their IGMC2018 entries. 

There are a LOT of changes in this version. I mentioned it in my previous blog post, but here is a rough breakdown:

Countless in-game bugs fixed (passibility, NPC interaction, menus, etc.)
Optimized battle system, including armor calculation and enemy balancing
Updated battle command menu interface
Added battle system ATB speed options — three ways to enjoy the core mechanic of the game!
Added a second accessory slot & revised equipment menus
Revised shop menu
Revised save/load menus
Developed and added a skill system (reminiscent of Final Fantasy 7’s “Materia”)
Developed and added a full enemy bestiary
Added a book system 
Added a “Journal” menu, which includes quest, bestiary, and book management
Added an options menu, which allows control over the battle system, text speed, and sound settings

Several custom themes composed by Peter Wollesen were added
Game introduction cutscene pace was revised and updated
Several miniquests added to Mordin Village
An entire dungeon—puzzles, bosses, and more—can now be explored in Mordin Swamps
Several other connecting maps added
Updated battle animations

Created a game “manual” with screenshots
In-game credits menu updated

The game is about two hours long in its current state. And it still has such a long way to go.

Please let me know what you think! I like all feedback--good or bad. I want to know if you like the direction this game is going, or what improvements you feel it could have. 

If you plan on streaming my game, let me know via private message, email ( or contact me on discord: Jaiden#5195 (I really want to watch it!)

And of course, thank you so much to everyone who has supported me this far.

A very special thanks to the following people. Without them, I probably wouldn't have gotten this far:
Tyler 'KK20' Crane
Boris 'Blizzard' Mikic
Diogo 'SoulShaker3'
Jazz (@jazzind_)

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