The Beast Stirs....

I haven't posted an update here in a while, but those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I've certainly been hard at work the past couple of months.

Currently, the v2.0b release is going through its last round of QA testing. Once I've ensured there are no game breaking bugs, the update will finally be available. This introduction to the game is how I truly envisioned it--with a whopping 1-2 hours of gameplay. 

As a teaser, here are the release notes for the new version:

Legends of Astravia v2.0b Release Summary

The game demo is now approximately 2 hours long (versus 30 minutes in v1.1b). Includes the introduction sequence and first dungeon, and ends at “Valica Fields”. 

Summary of changes between version 1.1b (March 2018) and version 2.0b (November 2018):


  • Countless in-game bugs fixed (passibility, NPC interaction, menus, etc.)
  • Optimized battle system, including armor calculation and enemy balancing
  • Updated battle command menu interface
  • Added battle system ATB speed options — three ways to enjoy the core mechanic of the game!
  • Added a second accessory slot & revised equipment menus
  • Revised shop menu
  • Revised save/load menus
  • Developed and added a skill system (reminiscent of Final Fantasy 7’s “Materia”)
  • Developed and added a full enemy bestiary
  • Added a book system 
  • Added a “Journal” menu, which includes quest, bestiary, and book management
  • Added an options menu, which allows control over the battle system, text speed, and sound settings


  • Several custom themes composed by Peter Wollesen were added
  • Game introduction cutscene pace was revised and updated
  • Several miniquests added to Mordin Village
  • An entire dungeon—puzzles, bosses, and more—can now be explored in Mordin Swamps
  • Several other connecting maps added
  • Updated battle animations


  • Created a game “manual” with screenshots
  • In-game credits menu updated

Stay tuned! For those of you who have stuck around this long--I really appreciate your support. It is what makes game development so worthwhile. I hope you will all enjoy this release. 

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