Plan of Attack - 5/15/18

It has been a while loyal followers, but I am still here!  I am finally starting development back up after taking a brief hiatus. 

Here's a short update to give you the plans for Legends of Astravia's v1.2 update and future updates:

Version 1.2 - This version will have several huge improvements over the current release. All major bugs have been removed and there will be an entire dungeon to explore with a boss to battle! Estimated release date: June 2018

Version 1.3 - This version will fix any major bugs or issues found by users in version 1.2. Estimated release date: July 2018

At this point, I will be taking a step back and re-evaluating major plot points and game mechanics to assure they're properly planned out before proceeding further. The goal is to have the game's engine solidified so that adding maps, enemies, and major game content can be done without any problems. 

Version 2.0 - This will be a major content update. It will take a lot of time, but I hope to have much more of the game fleshed out at this point. It will include another dungeon, several new towns and new party members, as well as any major updates to the game mechanics I'd like to make before finishing the story/maps/etc. Estimated release date: October 2018

As I get further down the development plan, I'll start estimating release dates for other major content updates. I plan to provide pre-release demos with a "complementary" save file, so that anyone who has played the game prior to the update will not need to proceed through the same content a second time. 

I look forward to providing more updates soon. Thank you for your constant support everyone!


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