Status Report - 3/25/2018

Hey everyone!

Legends of Astravia is still an active project! I have been working on it, but unfortunately the pace is not as good as it was when I initially started. Hopefully that'll change soon.

Here's an update of what I've been working on, in the meantime:

Journal Menu

You are now presented with a screen gives several options when you select "Journal" from the main menu, instead of just quests. There will be a section to review controls as well. The second option leads me to my next piece of progress...


This is something I've been wanting to implement from the beginning--a full bestiary. The list will grow to contain more enemies as the game develops, and there will also be an additional screen for enemy weaknesses/strengths for elements and states.

New Shop

I have finally gotten to restructuring that awful default shop menu into something more appealing:

Swamp Temple

It is ALMOST done. There were some changes made to combat, which has lead to some work required in enemy balancing. Once this is complete, the dungeon can be filled with enemies. There are also a few more puzzles and tileset changes that need to be created, but here are some teaser shots:

New Music

I can't post a sample yet, but I have some custom music in the works. The music required for the next release is about 90% done! 

As always, thank you for supporting me everyone. I really hope to finish this big update by the end of March!

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