v1.1.1 Minor Update

A minor update, v1.1.1 has been uploaded. Note that it still appears as v1.1, as it has replaced the original download. 

If you already downloaded and played v1.1, you shouldn't need to download this update unless you'd like to, as it only makes a few small changes:

Fixed passability issues in Mordin Swamp and Mordin Village
Fixed a map transfer bug in Mordin Swamp
Minor combat adjustments
Added an appropriate icon and description to the "Freeze" skill
Chests that say "Gold" have been updated to the correct Astravian currency

Combat may cause a crash when attempting to switch allies
Defense isn't being properly calculated (armor is essentially non-effective)

Stay tuned for details on the v1.2 update!


Legends of Astravia v1.1.zip 187 MB
Feb 03, 2018

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