Legends of Astravia v1.1 Released!

It has been a long time coming...almost 3 months since the Indie Game Maker Contest, this improved update is finally here!

There have been so many bug fixes, improvements, and changes. I hope you enjoy them!

Here is a "brief" list of the major changes:

"Find Jennah" quest complete
Added two side-quests in Mordin Village
Added a new area to Mordin Swamp
New skills can be learned
Certain objects can be interacted with
Added "books" for in-game lore and tutorials

Title screen changes.
Game intro modified to be user-controlled. 
Fixed message system bugs.
Fixed lighting system bugs & made imprvoments.
The bed in the basement no longer clips the player into the wall.
The Mordin Swamp exit events are no longer broken.
Passability issues were fixed.
Battles can be escaped.
The status window is appropriately transparent. 
Combat system layout revised.
Enemies can drop multiple items.
Success windows show when the player levels up and learns new skills.
Various in-game menus revised.

I will post another developers log soon with the planned updates from here.

If you find any bugs or want to leave any sort of feedback--I'm all ears! You can post here, or email me privately at boisteroushero@gmail.com


Legends of Astravia v1.1.zip 187 MB
Feb 02, 2018

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