"Not-Quite" Christmas Update

Happy holidays everyone!

First off, thank you to everyone who is still following this project, I am incredibly happy to have so many people supporting this game even at its current state.  All of the positive (and constructive) feedback has really kept me going. I hope to get more with this new demo!

Some bad news: The version 1.1 update isn't quite ready yet. I won't give you the standard sob-story of being busy in my personal life, you know how it goes!

Good news: I have made some great progress and it is really coming along nicely for an amateur project. I've attached some screenshots. This big update to the demo should be available soon (hopefully this week!), though I'm pretty disappointed I couldn't pull through for Christmas.

I've attached some screenshots of the work. Expect the following in the v1.1 download:

  • All bugs from the current download squashed (including passability issues)
  • Overhauled battle interface
  • Cleaned up minor interface/menu issues
  • First quest completed
  • Several small town sidequests
  • Mordin Swamp area complete with enemies and better-balanced battle
  • Several unlockable pieces of weapons/armor from the blacksmith
  • Craftable items from the apothecary 

Thanks for your patience, and stay tuned!

PS: You can now find the project on RPGMaker.NET, too: https://rpgmaker.net/games/10245/

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