Menu Tweaking & More

Hi everyone! I've got a nice little teaser of some of the tweaking I've done. 

The biggest change you'll notice is the battle system. This has had some huge changes since the IGMC release, and I'm really excited about where it is going:

  • Removed the status window in place of a gradient
  • Moved the ATB bar out of the way
  • Made it so when an enemy or player does nothing, it actually informs you!
  • Shrunk the command window and placed it above the active battler
  • Pop damage has physics. WoOoOooOooo~
  • Success windows show when the player levels up and learns new skills
  • Enemies can drop multiple items

Here are some comparison shots:


I have also made some minor improvements to the status menu. Mostly picky layout things, but I think it looks significantly cleaner:


Moving right along! Onward to maps and quests!

Note: The download below is still the IGMC 2017 demo version. I am blocked from making any new uploads until this period ends. Expect a download around December 18th!

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