Bugfixes Galore!

Hey everyone, just posting an update to let you guys know everything is going well and I am still making progress on Legends of Astravia. 

I've taken care of most of the bugs from the IGMC release:

  • The title menu no longer disappears after a minute
  • The title menu options glow to indicate selection, it looks quite nice.
  • Save menu comes up when touching a save point, instead of forcing the player to navigate the menu
  • The player can no longer run away with a message box over their head. You can walk away from NPCs and the message boxes will disappear appropriately.
  • Dynamic lighting is significantly better. The lights outside are only lit up when it's night time, and they look pretty nice! Here are some examples:

  • Lights no longer jitter around when walking around the map. 
  • Fixed some massive stuttering issues that were resulting from an outdated script.
  • The bed in the basement no longer clips the player into the wall.
  • The Mordin Swamp exit events are no longer broken.
  • Approximately 95% of the passability issues were fixed.
  • Escaping battles is no longer bugged.
  • The battle status menu doesn't hang on the screen after exiting battle
  • The status window is appropriately transparent. 
  • Proper pacing was added so the player cannot immediately proceed with the main quest without first exploring the village a little bit first. 

Still lots of work to do! Right now the current hang up is on repairing and optimizing the battle system. This is a very script heavy process, so it's hard to show progress. The whole system needs significant tweaks to assure it behaves as anticipated:

Goals for the Active Battle System:

  • Balancing! The starting troops were way too difficult during the initial demo.
  • Enemies will indicate they are skipping their turn, instead of just returning to the beginning of the ATB bar.
  • Level-up will have much more fanfare. The success window will be improved, and the player will see what skills were learned upon leveling up.
  • A proper multi-drop system will be added, with variable amounts of gold from enemies.
  • Battle transitions will be better

Stay tuned for more!

Note: Uploading a new version is currently disabled because I am entered into the IGMC2017 contest. The fixes mentioned above are not present in the download link below. You are still welcome to check it out, but the fixed version will be available sometime mid-December. 

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