Post IGMC2017-Jam Update

Developer's Update

Hello everyone!

Here I'll detail the proposed updates that will be added to the game after the IGMC 2017 Jam block period ends. 

Until then, I cannot upload a new game client, so sit tight!

This game is very ambitious. Eventually, you will be able to acquire and craft hundreds of items, enchant weapons and armor, and explore a massive overworld. Besides the main quest, there will be tons of side quests with unique NPC dialogues and stories. 

For now, let me introduce you to some of the playable characters that will be available: 

The protagonist of our story. A courier from the Kingdom of Valica stricken with amnesia. When strange events begin to take place in the swamps north of Mordin Village, pieces of his memory begin to return to him...A young knight from the Kingdom of Valica. She's spunky and brave, and offers to help Oliver on his journey. She hopes to hone her abilities so she can lead the Royal Order of Knights.
The current commander of the Valica Royal Order of Knights.  He too offers to join Oliver when he hears of the Second Great Calamity. The Royal Court Magician of the Kingdom of Anatas. He vows to stop Vadimas from furthering the destruction of Astravia

Version 1.1 - Proposed changes/updates for December 2017:

  • Fix the list of currently known bugs/issues below.
  • Fix the 234325 tile passibility issues I missed that were discovered by the amazing OzzyTheOne
  • Fix the pacing to assure the player doesn't immediately cue the Jennah quest without first visiting the shops and town. 
  • Add several side-quests in Mordin Village.
  • The lost Jennah quest will be able to be completed.
  • The Mordin Swamp Sanctuary Dungeon will be completed.
  • The battle success windows will be updated.
  • The battle status window will be transparent.
  • Various information / lore books will be added across Mordin Village.

Currently known bugs/issues:

  • If the player waits on the main menu for an excessive amount of time, the menu fades out. Hitting the "select" button selects the last highlighted option instead of slowly fading the menu back in.
  • If the player skips the introduction cutscene during a screen-shake event, it may carry over into the following cutscene in Baldric's house.
  • In the shop, the message windows aren't properly configured when the player tries to enter the basement, thus, if they walk next to a wall and then proceed will the conversation, the player will get stuck in a "wait for move's completion"loop  and the game will need to be restarted. 
  • After Jennah has been kidnapped, if the player tries to sleep in the bed in Baldric's basement from the right side, their sprite will move in the incorrect direction and clip them into the wall. 
  • The swamp can't be exited because I messed up the exit event.
  • Attempting to escape a battle may throw an error message.
  • Battle success processing is a bit clunky, the windows do not disappear properly.

Thank you for your support! I look forward to our next update.


Legends of 174 MB
Nov 06, 2017

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