Regarding the Current Demo and Upcoming Update

If you've been following the game's progress on Twitter and read the recent development log, you'll notice that the game is due to change so radically with the next update that it is practically a new game.

The next update was supposed to be exclusive to the game's early access release, and thus, paid. After some thought, even with all of these major changes, and my philosophy to maintain a free demo of the game, I've decided that I will push the paid version back a bit. 

As a result, the current demo for Legends of Astravia has been taken down, as it is no longer an accurate reflection of the game. All of the screenshots and previews will thus be updated to support the new changes. This will allow me to really show off what is coming without fear of being "misleading" with that old demo still in place. 

While it is a fun experiment to compare them, I would rather the new demo be a "fresh start". Keep your eyes peeled, as I'm aiming for it to be available before the end of the year.  

If you are incredibly curious about the game's previous state, the demo will remain up in the official discord server for beta testers and supporters, and there are several "Let's Play"videos on Youtube of these older versions of the demo.

Thank you for all of your amazing support so far! 


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